Why Every Woman Needs A Girl’s Night Out

When women get together a lot of curious things happen over drinks. The air gets thick with gossip, giggles, chuckles and “nudge-nudge-wink-wink”. Though our night-outs as married women have changed, a lot of that singele college woman still reside within, urging us to dance, get so drunk that we fall, and exchange our emotional baggage with each other for comfort. I have realised after all these years that, having a girl gang was as important as oxygen to me. They and our monthly nights-out breathe life back into me. Even though our lives have shifted — to our husbands, households and other worldly things — our bond remains intact and strong. We enjoy each other’s company to the fullest and come home rejuvenated.

Men have wondered why women like to drink wine and gossip. I guess the same reason that inspires them to watch sports, drink beer and cheer at a TV screen — s though somehow the men inside the box could hear. Women have seecrets. But they don’t spill to just anyone.  They ahv to be close close freinds to hear about a crush on the boss, a rant about the office, or the overpriced Steve Madden shoes she’s just bought.

A girl’s night out is also a dicotamy: we dress for each other, but want the attention of the men. In all fairness, she needs a man’s attention to feel sexy, so flirting is healthy for her, sometimes. My girlsfriends and I are pathologically loyal to our partners, so we’d never end up doing anything with a man we met at a pub. But the attention boosts our confidence and we retun home beaming bright.  And the husbands never seem to mind when the girls return home sexuallyhungry. When you are able to trust her wholeheartedly, she trusts you back, and thereby strengthening your bond, so it’s a win-win situation for both of you.

In a girl’s night out, girls spill the beans. It could be about her co-employee’s personal life she’s just managed find out, her fantasies about returning to the backpacking university life, her disgusts about her strict in-laws life, her dream of being gifted with the diamond necklace by her man, and the ritual of this gossip is refreshing, well, at least for the girls. If a wife is happy and fulfilled, odds are she will complain less about everyday things.

A few reasons why women should consider night outs at least once in a month:

  1. Everyone is entitled to a night of freedom and relaxation.
  2. For men: let your girl go out and drink with her girls, if she calls you drunk, she is yours, if she turns of her cell, she was never yours.
  3. With her single friends around, she enjoys a sojourn singlehood.
  4. She comes home updated with what’s going on around town.
  5. Her bond with her friends is strengthened.

About the author: Jessica Salins

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