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Women can’t avoid buying a handbag that cuts a dash irrespective of the sky-high price; some of them buy handbags as a ritual every month. Quite rightfully, a woman never can let go of the happy feeling of buying a pricey hand-candy no matter on expense of a chick pair of heels. Handbags have always proved to be a satisfying purchase for women. Surprising yet, some women admitted to having way more fun in buying handbags than a fashionable outfit. So much so that they have a particular handbag determined to be teamed up with a particular outfit, thus equalising handbags and outfits in her wardrobe.

There came and gone a wide range of handbags, shoppers’ bag, backpacks, arm bags etc but satchel bags left a trail on the fashion-struck hearts. The Roman soldiers who carried satchel bags have inspired the theme which now has become a hot pie in the fashion scene. Satchel bags made it to the fashion ground in the 17th century when it was first tried out by women. Ever since, it kept alluring women for decades only to become the rage of 21st century.


A brief history:

Satchel bags have been the school bags for the students of Oxford and Cambridge schools, but the shapes had been different and they came with two straps unlike the one cross over body strap of today. The bag however has an older history dating back 400 years when carriel, a small leather satchel bag was used for utility purpose in Columbia. Then it became the mail delivery boy’s pet in the later decades.

I am here quoting a few lines from Wikipedia which will give you a deeper insight on the history of Satchels:

“In literature, the satchel is often associated with the classic image of the English schoolboy: “And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel” is a phrase from Shakespeare’s monologue All the world’s a stage.


In Mark Twain’s 1869 travel book The Innocents Abroad he reports that upon arriving in France in 1867, “With winning French politeness the officers merely opened and closed our satchels.”


Satchels have been zeroed down to a fashion accessory since 2008 as the Cambridge Satchel company introduced new products in the market. It is the numero uno (number one) company in producing cross body satchels so to say.

Satchel bags look best with jeans, short dresses and maxi dresses. They are strictly called sling satchels and come in neon colours also, as is the trend now. Satchels, for their not so feminine get-up is a tom-boy’s toy too. Hereunder I am mentioning a few pocket friendly satchel bags:

Some Satchel Bag brands: Dealtz Fashion Satchel bag, Fostelo satchel bag, Phosphorous Satchel Bag, Spice Art Satchel Bag, Lavie Veronica Satchel Bag, Peperone Satchel Bag etc.


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