Tips on Buying and Wearing Peplum Dresses

A peplum is a short flared ruffle fitted to dresses, tops, blouses and jackets. They also come in other forms like shorts and pants, which might not serve the taste of each one. Tall, short, athletic, curvy or thin, peplum suits all body types and shapes. Hence, this design of clothing is all about the rage today. Having a huge ancient bearing, this style has made a striking comeback.


Here is a brief history:

Peplum is a Greek word for tunic, it was launched into fashion during the 1940s as a short skirt worn over the dress, and it wasn’t attached to the actual piece like the ones designed today. When it had its second comeback during the 1980s, suits and party dresses were creatively designed to carry a peplum waist. The peplum designs of today carry a huge inspiration from the designs of the 1980s.

Different peplums for different body shapes:

Peplum is designed in such a way to camouflage the extra tummy fat, accentuate the body shape, highlight the curves and flatter almost all body shapes. Here is a list of designs that flatter different body shapes:

  1. Pleated peplum: This design is said to be the most flattering on any body shape plus it helps to lessen the appearance of belly fat. It focuses all attention on to the curves rather than on the extra fat and emphasizes the curves.
  2. Flared peplum: This style of peplum creates an A-shape skirt, which as a rule isn’t supposed to be secured. The pattern is prescribed to frame an hour glass figure.
  3. Gathered peplum: this style helps to gather in your waist while making your hips look wider while presenting a smaller waist. This form helps in concealing your stomach while highlighting your waist.
  4. Asymmetrical peplum: this peplum is fun to design and wear, there are two types of this form; those with longer hems in the front and back and shorter on the sides flatter those with curvier wide hips. Whereas, asymmetrical peplums with long sideways hems are worn by women with narrow hips.


How to wear peplum design?

Peplums come in a number of designs and patterns and can be worn to flatter any occasion and body shape. Here is a list of combinations you could try on to applaud the style:

  1. Peplum blouse with a pencil skirt: This combination brings out the classy and bold side in you. The pencil skirt compliments the flattered blouse with such ease and looks like an effortless style.
  2. Peplum on a formal trouser: A narrow trouser with a peplum top spices up the standard boring-looking formal attire. Moreover, it adds a charm of its own with a trouser that best suits your body shape, whether a wide or narrow fit. Wine red pants and nude top is the rage of the season.
  3. Beat it with a peplum jacket: Minimal yet boldly-done peplum jackets give you a look of a kind. The peplum jacket takes the shape of a usual blazer, with a twist. This jacket can be worn with anything – a skirt, pant, dress and shorts.
  4. Peplum dress: the flared at the hip dress, more or less looks like a usual bodycon dress, the only thing that differs is the pleats and the flares. The peplum dress can be transformed from formal outfit to a party outfit, when a belt is added to it.
  5. Peplum with distressed or ripped off jeans: giving a casual look, this combo can be worn either during the day or night while giving you a chic look. When paired with peep toes, pumps and high heels, it looks gorgeous on anyone.
  6. Peplum skirt: This daring piece of clothing not only looks classy but also gives a feminine look specially a knee to calf length pencil skirt with a peplum. When matched with a blouse or a spandex top it gives a sheer look to the outfit.

About the author: Shreyashi Das

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