Tips on Buying and Wearing A Maxi Dress

A maxi dress can be ankle length or floor kissing that flows loosely from below the chest area. They come in different patterns, colours, designs and fabrics. Traditionally a maxi dress is made out of cotton fabric, these days they are also sewed in chiffon and polyester fabrics.

Being comfortable, stylish and made out of light material, maxi dresses are also the top ranked summer dress. Accordingly they are most flaunted in the tropical and coastal countries.

A brief history:

Post settlement Europe gave birth to the maxi fashion. They were the modestly-dressed-female uniforms for centuries before the trend setting slimmer skirts came into fashion. Since maxis provide ease in movement, it got its other name ‘walking skirt’ which eventually became a classic. However the maxis of 1900s had more structure to it than the ones we have now.

What to look for while buying a maxi dress:

  1. If you are short, make sure the length of the dress is below your ankle; otherwise it will make you look shorter. It shouldn’t sweep the floors either.
  2. A plus size can show off with a maxi dress, as it does every trick to hide away the extra flesh.
  3. Women with large breast should buy maxi dresses with straps and should stay a mile away from the strap-less ones.
  4. A strap-less maxi dress can be finely worn by women with smaller breast.
  5. Big prints are a big no-no; they give a look dull and boring look. Go for prints with bold patterns that will give you a sophisticated look.
  6. Bright solid colours give the dress applause when teamed with the right accessories.
  7. The current trending floral is the best pick for this season.
  8. A V shape neck line will make you look taller and leaner.
  9. Pick colours like black, navy blue and rustic red that fit nicely as both formal and casual.

How to wear a maxi dress:

  1. Maxi dresses look nice when paired with casual flip flops, sandals, flats, gladiators, espadrilles and wedges. If wearing it to a party, pair them with peep toes or pumps.
  2. Wear a waist belt for a classy look, as it will show some curves.
  3. A cross body bag can give a casual look to your maxi dress.

About the author: Jessica Salins

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