Things To Follow at Work

With the eternally changing scene of the corporate work place, it is getting more and more difficult to cope up with. The employees face this music every day, they have to be in the good books of the management so as to achieve success, so any bad behavior or under-etiquette may land you in a hot soup. Worse, it may take away your job or ruin your career forever.

We learn about good etiquettes by mixing with other people. Since the corporate culture is cut throat and everybody is trying to accomplish success at the other’s expense, there should be some decency to your guard. In the process, we shouldn’t look rude, inconsiderate or unprofessional. There should be a good balance of things and a friendly connection between the co-workers, if not friends.

Take a note that your company’s policies and procedures are the foremost lessons you need to learn before you join, if you do, you’ll see that almost all the companies frown upon the improper use of the internet. Furthermore, if you use personal devices at work beyond permissible limit, it will be disapproved by the company. You’re supposed to be at work during the determined work hours, not just while away time with your device. Companies have every right to invade into your company e-mail and monitor your internet use, so the violation of the policies will not slip your employer’s sight, mind you.

What does your employer expect of you?

Being called hard working is better than being pointed out for violating company policy. Quite rightfully each work environment has its own rules concerning personal time and personal use of technology. Companies that make its employees aware of its policies beforehand will make sure there is no violence of such; they also render a printed copy with each employee for their reference.

Some quick tips that will help:

  1. It is not a college where you can step in with colourful clothes, every office has its own dress code; follow it and make sure your dress is pressed and you don’t smell bad. Dress according to the trend, it will show how sophisticated you are.
  2. While you’re sitting against your professional desktop, make sure to reply to every professional email, don’t be dilly dallying to respond to important email. That would destroy your good impression in their eyes and leave an impression that you’re simply not interested.
  3. Refrain from sending personal messages from your professional email address. They are all being monitored from your company. That’s a bad gesture to the company.
  4. Some companies have strict policies regarding what employees should download in the computer. Any violation of such may cost you your job.
  5. Be mindful on what you post on social networking sites about your company/boss/colleagues, even your personal details, because once you have a full time job, you’re representing your company, so updating a status about getting drunk and eyeing chicks previous night will not be healthy to you and your company’s reputation.
  6. If you accidentally land a prohibited site, log off immediately and report to the concerned person or department. i.e.: The IT department or your manager.
  7. Keep your personal phone calls to permissible limits. Unnecessary loafing over the phone might not be entertained by the company.

About the author: Shreyashi Das

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