The Newest Trend in Sunglasses

Sunglasses are no longer understood as a Sun protector, it has rather become a style statement. Ranging from wide frames to traditional Aviators, the style book boasts of countless styles and patterns. Here are two of the most trending styles:


Wayfarer Sunglasses:

Everybody looks to follow the latest fashion trend and a pair of wayfarer sunglasses is a good pick. Wayfarers hail from the retro fashion scene and have charmed its way to the modern eyewear market. The edgy fashion has been reigning supreme in the market since a couple of years and still going bright. The wayfarer fashion trend is mostly sought after by the younger generation, to say the college students. Office going people also swear by wayfarer shades but usually deal with coloured frame much, as a survey points out. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn have sported wayfarers in their time and women toed their line in the aftermath. Later, when Tom Cruise donned wayfarers in the movie ‘Risky Business’, it became a trend once again. Wayfarers had made an exit from the market, but today it is the hottest trend in the fashion carpet.

Wayfarers look somewhat like the cat eye sunglasses from the hippie age with a comparatively long brow frame. The stand out characteristic of the wayfarer sunglasses is that the frame is trapezoidal, hence adds more masculinity in a man’s look. The retro lovers can create a sophisticated mumbo-jumbo of classic and romantic clothing with wayfarers.

The brainchild of an American optical designer Raymond Stegeman, wayfarers have overridden other styles of sunglasses in a very short span, all thanks to Ray-Ban.

Some examples of Wayfarers:

The market is flooded with varieties of wayfarers. The most chic pick would be:

  • A light brown toned square eyewear with a golden dotted pink rim line.
  • Deep brown toned Wayfarer sunglasses with unique bright red rim line (this one goes down pretty well with bold red lips),
  • Red tinted sunglasses with Brown rim line, lilac shade in the inner rim line with contrasting temples, the moss green based emboldened frames come with animal skin print.


Aviator Sunglasses:

To give you a brief history, in the year 1937, the eye-wear company Ray-Ban has introduced Aviator sunglasses. Aviators come in thin wire frames that come in silver and gold colour. The lens shade varies from dark to transparent which is three times darker than the average human eye socket.

Another customary feature of Aviator sunglasses is their spherical lenses as compared to the traditional glasses that come in flat lenses. Moreover, the lenses of aviator bulge slightly outward thereby ensuring maximum coverage to the eye socket.

The primary aviators were the doppelgangers of the Ray-Ban flying goggles for the Navy and the Army. Summarily, Aviators have replaced the flying goggles as they offered more coverage to the eye area and the pilots could protect their eyes from glare and harsh sunlight.

Some examples of Aviators:

  • Brown toned casual but trendy eyewear, embedded in a silver rim and oval in shape
  • Brown toned oversized frame glasses with dual shade rim line from the same colour palette. Light golden touch in the temple.
  • Coffee brown rims shaped like cats eye. These are available in metallic rim lines also.

About the author: Shreyashi Das

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