The Country Chords

Spare a thought to country music, a quick picture of a singer wearing a cowboy hat with his guitar will cross your mind. Though Country music drew in from 1950s’, it gained the colossal success in the70s’ and 80s’. Country is a splendid genre that reflects the unrest and disorder of the nation that gave it a leg up. To tell you what, the man harbingered as the “father of country music” was a pot-smoking bluesman on whom there was an immense influence of black music.

Some of the renowned country singers:

  1. Dolly Parton’s soulful voice and path breaking song writing made her a threat to the fellow singers. Some of her hits are: “Jolene”, “I will always love you” and “9 to 5”.
  2. Loretta Lynn drew inspirations from her own life. In the 70s’, she stroked a controversy with her songs “the rated X” and “The Pill”.
  3. Willie Nelson was distant from controversies as his lyrics were idiosyncratic, some of his hits are: “On the road again”, “Blue eyes crying in the rain”.
  4. In the 1960, Glen Campbell shouldered the responsibility to pioneer a new music genre blended by pop and country music. All his songs were earworms and his honey dipped voice earned him a trail of followers. “Wichita Lineman”, “Galveston” was two of his all time hits.
  5. John Conlee has consecutively topped the billboard hot country songs list for years. This American Country singer had raised the standard of Country music to another level. His “Rose coloured glasses” and “Backside of thirty” are the greatest hits of all time.
  6. John Denver snatched all the limelight upon him with his songs like “Country Roads Take Me Home”, “Sunshine on my shoulder”. All his song mirrored his campaign to glorify nature.
  7. Restless Heart was the American Country music band with band members John Dittrich, Paul Gregg, Dave Innis, Greg Jennings and Verlon Thompson. I will definitely mention here two of their greatest hits: “When she cries” and “I will still be loving you”
  8. The multi-talented Kenny Rogers is a proud owner of awards like AMAs, Grammys, ACMs and CMAs for his dedication in country music. His soothing voice and passionately crafted music has ruled the hearts since ages. “Coward of the country”, “Island is the stream” are his famous works.

Here are 10 old country songs that still attends to many ears:

  1. ‘Islands in the Stream’, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton: While Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton invite each other to sail away to another world, the audience seems to be hypnotised by their voices. The song was written by Bee Gees which sent both Kenny and Dolly to top the pop charts in 80s.
  2. ‘I’ll still be loving you’, Restless Heart: The band’s performances in countless weddings couldn’t tarnish their potential o emerging as one of the greatest country bands of all time. Suffice to say, since 1987 they have been ruling the country music scene with songs like “till the Sun doesn’t shine” and “till time stands still”. I will still be loving you is a most heart-warming love song of all time from Restless Heart.
  3. ‘Always on My Mind’, Willie Nelson: The song has been later adopted by myriad artists like Elvis Presley et al, recorded 300 times, but nothing matched the one sung by Willie Nelson himself. Nelson here regrets the little things that have been left unsaid which lead his beloved’s sweet love to move on.
  4. ‘I Will Always Love You’, Dolly Parton: This song was a record-breaking hit in 1974, which was later remade in 1982 that captured the emotions of someone neck-deep in love and the realization occurred when the love ended. She keeps recollecting bittersweet memories and promises to love the person always. It was later recorded by Whitney Houston for the movie ‘The Bodyguard’ which again broke new grounds.
  5. ‘He stopped loving her today’, George Jones: Sunk in tragedy, the song sure knows how to touch the sympathetic chord of the audiences’ hearts. A man who recently lost love kept his promise to love a woman till the last breath, until they placed a wreath upon his door. George bagged a Grammy, an ACM and a CMA and won a song of the year title for the song both in 1980 and 81.
  6. Country Roads ‘Take Me Home’, John Denver: Denver relives the memories of his hometown through this song. The enthralling beauty of West Virginia has been explained to bits in this song which too had been compared with heaven. Denver finds his true call in the life older than the trees there.
  7. ‘Rose Colored Glasses’, John Conlee: though he debuted with this song in 1978, it sounded nowise amateurish and hit the jackpot of topping the billboards charts.
  8. ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’, Loretta Lynn: Loretta Lynn already had gained her feet in country music in the year 1970. After 10 years’ of consecutive hits, she managed herself a title of Female Vocalist of the Year. Lynn, throughout all her career craved to write songs about her youth, the ardent youth lover thus produced a range of youthful songs and the above one belongs to that club only.
  9. ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’, Glen Campbell: He was one of the most famous artists of country pop in the late 60s’. His ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ was penned down by Larry Weiss which was later heard and picked by George Campbell for revival. The song earned itself the song of the year title and Glen Campbell, CMA and ACM.
  10. Annie’s Song’, John Denver: Denver paid a tribute to his lady love, his ex wife through this song. The heart melting lyrics and the treatment of the song surely earned it all the admiration a love song is entitled to. Here Denver divulges his true feelings for his beloved, the metaphors that’s been used are so lively. I.e. the beloved’s enigma has been compared with a night in the forest, mountain in springtime and walk in the rain.

About the author: Shreyashi Das

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