The Beatles – A Story of Legends

The Beatles brew storm in teacups in 1964 America by skilfully disposing the archaic music scene. Their Memphis driven musical evolution went on to become a global trend setter in the following years. Though it was Liverpool’s child while it was growing, and it cut across barriers to become America’s musical redeemer. They flipped through various genres thereby fostering the audience with more and more wisdom through the music.

Since the time they appeared before the largest TV audience in history (73 million viewers) at “The Ed Sullivan Show” their music took a new grand leap towards success, before which America barely knew their name. Makes sense because it took a lot of sweat to raise the bar of teen music and break America free from the spell of biggies like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley. However, things became a cakewalk post the ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ despite some raised eyebrows. A war well won.

The Beatle music carried in itself the legacy of Britain where the Beatle mania first emerged and it was quite a popular band in its native Liverpool. Since in theory, American music is always held in high regard, it was really a challenge for The Beatles to cut a figure. In Liverpool, it gained a popular deed even before it started to make records. In late 1962, a chain of singles started embellishing the chartbusters list after The Beatles signed to EMI’s Parlophone Label, standing tall there then after. Some songs that made it big: “Love me do”, “Please Please Me” and “From Me to You”, each bigger than the previous one.

People went high on their music and girls screamed their lungs out in allure while the Beatles kept touring, city by city without fail. It left the teens over the moon with every concert. Then there came “She Loves You” to become the all-time best-selling single.


Their Music

The ex-jazz music lovers slowly grew inclination towards the bold energy of rock and roll by The Beatles, so as to acquire the ‘Best musical band title’ from the then musical giant “Rolling Stones”, quite an overwhelming compliment served on their platter. People who buried their undying faith in Jazz were too curious about the mysteriously unavoidable pull of Rock n’ Roll. There emerged a lot of questions, what need does–The Beatles feel? Why the fellow musical groups are brazenly copying from them, bands that have the genes of American music running down their blood?

The answer laid with The Beatles only, their Rock n’ Roll rhetoric took the pop culture by storm like no other band could. To tell you what, they were the best thing to happen in the twentieth century, let alone the sixties. They mirrored the youth ever since. When they held their first five slots on the Billboard singles chart, they went on to sell more than a billion records which cast a spell on as many as 35 countries, still standing tall. More, it was the best selling album of the 2000s.

Who could ask for a better team than Paul McCartney’s harmonious bass lines, Ringo Starr’s power packed drumming, George Harrison’s rockabilly-style guitar leads, John Lennon’s firm rhythm guitar, bonded in the same thread of their soulful voices keep mesmerizing the audiences for decades and still counting. They were the most colourful personalities, who were smart, naive, teasing, sometimes cheeky, all soaked in a boyish charm. The not so simple love songs that they composed flipped into the perfect studio extravaganzas in no time thereby upping the standards of pop music culture. It was their twist and shout enthusiasm that created ripples in the otherwise regular American music thesis.


How Beatles influenced America:

When the teenagers found their true call in Rock and Roll music as opposed to the American pop from Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, it spread the dense carpet for the new ‘mania’, devotedly the Beatle mania. With time they edged over the loop of concerts and public appearances to become a major cultural force. So much so, that their fans kept multiplying at the expense of downplaying the previous rage, American pop music. From thereon, they became the guiding light and a gush of oxygen in the turmoil torn America back in 60s.

They turned the table of teen idol equality, generated an anti-authoritative behaviour that became the soul and blood of the outlaws, They made long hair men desirable, made more and more teens join the Rock cartoon bandwagon, pioneered music video in Rock music- which is how they devised the formula of ruling the hearts until the World’s decay.


About the author: Shreyashi Das

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