Risque Heels on the Dance Floor

While spells like ‘the higher the heels the higher the confidence’, ‘get your standard up to my heels’ are on today’s women, buying risqué heels and wearing them to office, and night outs have made heels cut across the trend of wedge and platform heels. Fashion has given birth to superlatives and women know in detail about Kitten heels, pencil heels and others, but there is always a risk of hurting your back which eventually leads to a back pain.

Nightclubs are the platforms where aside from dancing, people like to flaunt how updated about style they are hence the deadly heels. Walking on the heels itself isn’t remain risk-free, so dancing becomes yet more difficult and your feet hurt after an hour of dance. When you are done enjoying the party, you still got to walk on your heels to reach your car at the parking which seems too painful, here are some tips that might help you to dance on your pair of sexy heels without hurting your feet much in the after math.

  • A sassy dress and a pair of high heels, and dancing the night away with sexy moves, all these won’t seem like a mistake to you if your heels were comfortable. Having said that, make sure to invest in expensive shoe makers that ensure sheer comfort even on a pair of killer heels. The shoes should fit you well, which is not too loose not too tight; there is no other idea to keep your feet at comfort. If you’re opting for pumps, make sure your ankle doesn’t slip out from the shoes while you walk, that might bring you a fall, so fitting is very important especially to the pumps.
  • Wear your high heels in front of a full-body length mirror and make sure your weight is at the balls of your feet. The weight should be shifted from one foot to another to maintain the balance.
  • Small steps are suggested. Watch your feet move in the mirror and always keep a check on the bigger steps as those are a strict no-no in high heel stilettos.
  • Shoulder should be kept back and posture upright to get the hang of the perfect dance moves, slouching may cause your feet hurt. Grip the balance of your body, you’ll know when to lock your ankles as to regain the balance.
  • Your abdominal wall is the main muscle which fuels energy to your feet for the moves. For a stronger abdominal wall, regular practice of Pilates is highly recommended, it makes your muscles more flexible and dancing less tedious.
  • You should be a master of whatever dance steps you pick, practise your way to perfection. Remember to even practise on heels thereby making no room for an untoward fall in the stage due to under practice.
  • Lace up, Zip up or strap up heels that support your arch and ankle are recommended for a comfortable dance.

About the author: Shreyashi Das

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