Pendant – A Fashion Statement

In the ancient era people followed fashion with a ‘minimum clothes maximum jewellery’ format. However today it is a trend of edgy but minimal jewellery, which not only compliment your clothes but also enhance your entire personality. Taken a leaf out of the 80s’ and 90s’, leading ladies in Bollywood were always seen donning chunky ear-rings and neckpieces teamed up with gaudy fabrics in their clothes, but I am definitely not complaining as that must have been a requirement for the slush and sentimentality back then.

In a time and age when just a fitting neckpiece with your attire gets you all the attention, it is sure for a classy pendant embellished on a choker to boost both your ethnic and western ensemble.

A brief history:

The word ‘pendant’ is French which means ‘to hang down’, which was derived from Latin word ‘pendere’. Back in ancient Egypt, Pharaohs used to wear scarab beetle pendants that stood witness to their power and wealth. So, before it could become a women accessory, men too reeked of such to exhibit their masculinity. Today’s men also wear pendants but as just another accessory, women hold it dear because nothing can define sophistication better than a chic pendant on a choker or a chain.

Pendants have a deep significance in religious doctrines. For example, Christians wear a bejewelled cross as pendant and Hindus wear a pendant shaped into ‘OM’ to flaunt their religious beliefs, and their association with a particular faith. Birthstones and Medallions too are conceived as popular pendants complying with various organisations.

Pendants are worn by some people for its mystical properties, sometimes perspectives from different lives are attached with different stone pendants. To give example, rose-tinted pendants are worn to attract love in one’s life, Citrine (a sparkling lemon yellow or deep apricot coloured stone) to attract money, well-being and to downplay evil. Such pendants have really charmed their way to our hearts since forever.

Hence proved that pendant has deeper connections with human lives if not only fashion. In the fashion rhetoric, it is the fashion ambassador.

Here are some examples of classy pendants that cloak the market:

  • Astha Jagwani Choker Necklace for Women (Price: 1,250)
  • Aquamarine Pendant for Women (Pink) (AQ_72 (Price:2,700)
  • Astha Jagwani Choker Necklace For Women- AJ13N38 (6,500)
  • Astha Jagwani Choker Necklace For Women- AJ13N25 (Price: 1,250)
  • Astha Jagwani Choker Necklace For Women- AJ13N25/3 (Price: 1,250)
  • Azotique Chain Necklace for Women-AZ NP 92 (Price: 3,000)
  • Azotique Gold Plated Chain Necklace-AZ NP 86 (Price: 4,000)
  • Eena Kapoor Choker Necklace for Women-BON03 (Price: 5,999)
  • Eena Kapoor Choker Necklace for Women- BON01 (Price: 5,999)
  • Eena Kapoor Pendant for Women- BON49 (Price: 1,999)
  • Eena Kapoor Pendant for Women- BON52 (Price: 1,999)
  • Tribal Zone Chain Necklace for Women-TZOFATNK (Price: 750)
  • Tribal Zone Pendant for Women-NK377 (Price: 450)
  • Tribal Zone Pendant for Women- TZOFATNK0037 (Price: 990)

About the author: Shreyashi Das

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