Lady Gaga – The Name Says It All

From her stage name to her outfits, that never fails to bear witness for her. Her outrageous fashion sense and a point blank refusal to dress normal is what attract the audience towards her beyond her music. So, abnormal, outlandish, bizarre are the adjectives that fit her all right, hence proved. When she turned up in that meat dress in MTV music video awards, she looked like a spitting image of a meat shop; the most gut-wrenching outfit a fashionista could dare, done. But that’s Lady Gaga for you; she surely knows how to be the talk of the tinsel town by her bizarre and outlandish dressing sense. Look at the little piece of flesh as a head accessory, isn’t that just mind blowing? Then there is the perfect stone-studded jewellery to add that extra oomph.

There is no denying that Gaga has pioneered a new rage in fashion and has been declared a fashion icon by Council of Fashion Designers of America. The avant garde fashion has been her forte. She never fails to makes a statement and turn’s heads with her accessories, shoes, outfits which makes her a downright diva. Not only can she carry off her clothes as smooth as her second skin, definitely her madness for experiments meets the eye. Her bubble dress, a dress couldn’t be any bizarre than that. The white wig and thickly kohled eyes turn out the confidantes of this dress.

The hello kitty dress and the doll eye make-up are ripe for taking any music event by storm. Then there is the frog dress that raised some more eyebrows, but who’s complaining here, she is the rightful advocate of the edgy fashion. Hereby, we decoded her fashion formula, the matching head gears are always the deal maker for all her outfits it seems.

Let’s blow the lead off her unique dressing sense some more, it’s not all there with the head gears but if you take a close look, you will discover her crazy wigs have a lot to do with it. They are sometimes blue, sometimes black, certain times green, and sometimes in a bow tie, perfectly matching the mood of each dress. The daredevil woman in her just goes head on about any challenging fashion without any fuss.

Lady Gaga was spotted in a Dior gown to walk the red carpet with her organic grace and voila! Turns out she could give any Hollywood diva a run for her money.

She definitely wins the cake with her couture gown from Dior teamed up with dangerously high heels. Kudos to her guts! Don’t miss that unkempt and ancient looking wig which seemed quite amenable with that dress.

On receiving a lot of side eyes and raised eyebrows, Lady Gaga promised not to wear a meat dress for a MTV award any more, but we sure are looking forward to some more surprises from her end.


About the author: Shreyashi Das

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