Iron Maiden

Iron maiden is an English heavy-metal band, formed by Steve Harris, a bassist and lyricist of the  band. The band was inaugurated on the 25th of December 1975 in Leyton, London. The band has composed a collection of thirty-seven albums making hundred and thirty four heavy metal tracks. Out of the thirty seven albums, fifteen studio records, eleven live albums, four extended play and seven compilations.

Members of Iron Maiden:

  • Steve Harris – Bassist and Keyboard
  • Dave Murray – Guitar and songwriter
  • Adrian Smith – Guitar
  • Bruce Dickenson – Lead vocals
  • Nicko Mcbrain – Drums
  • Janick Gers – Guitar


The band name was influenced by a book which was later adapted into a movie called, “The man in the Iron Mask”. With little or no media support, the band achieved success through controversies, struggle and conflicts. The band has members from pilots to school drop outs.

Bruce Dickenson, the bands most extraordinary member is also a seventh ranked fence champion and was also asked to join the Olympic British team. Moreover, he is  a commercial pilot, writer, has launched a beer company and owns an aircraft maintenance company. Paul Di’Anno another member was sacked out of the band. Drug abuse, lack of desire to perform and also disrespectful behavior like having a “666” and other ungodly titles tattooed on him are the reason for his outcast.

Iron maiden has also had members who were cast off and dumped for uncouth behavior and some who simply left by choice like Paul day, Dennis Wilcock, Dave Sullivan, Terry Rance, Bob Sawyer, Ron Matthews, Tony Moore, Terry Wapram, drummer Barry Purkis and Doug Sampson.


Awards and recognitions:

Being one of the successful bands in the history of heavy metal, Iron Maiden takes pride to have performed in 2000 live concerts worldwide. In 2010, the band was recognized to have sold eighty-five million records around the globe. Iron Maiden was the first big international metal band to play in India, to over 30,000 people who came from all over India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Australia.


  1. Ivor Novello Award for international achievement in 2002
  2. Kerrang! Hall of Fame Award 2005
  3. Brit Award for British Live Act 2009
  4. Juno Award for Music DVD of the Year 2010
  5. Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance 2011
  6. Kerrang! Inspiration Award 2013



The bands most memorable performance in Ozzfest 2005 got them fired with eggs. Their 1982 album “The number of the beast” got them a glitzy critic and accused them for worshipping Satan.


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