How To Maintain A Work-Life Balance

Your work in a corporate scene gets so much to you that you’re on the boil and always contemplative about your work even when home, hence spend time with your near and dear ones becomes difficult. It distances you from your family and snaps you off your social life in the same nerve. Not that everyone gives a work-life balance a thought; rather take his family life for granted, which results in splits, depressions and other untoward mental traumas.We are here to your rescue.

Under are a few quick and easy tips you can maintain a healthy work-life balance:

  1. It is very important that you recreate. Since we know your success took you a lot of hard work and inestimable sleepless nights, still you can’t afford to be a prude that you don’t enjoy socialising with friends and family. It relaxes your mind, connects you with your dear ones and fills you with fresh enthusiasm for work.
  2. A workaholic always sees things from a different pair of eyes; their marked advantage of achieving a high achievement derives from their degree of comfort with uncertainty. Mind you, when you switch on your ‘reaction mode’ against all the odds from every side, your vision to see the goal blurs. Need is, you manage your time and don’t work the slightest during your family time.
  3. We acknowledge your mind is already a list maker in view of your professional success; there is a checklist for your family time as well. Like taking your children to the amusement park or enjoying a week end shopping spree with your wife. Invest on the smart apps in market which save you much time and ring a reminder in case you miss anything.
  4. Smart phones today come with the do not disturb button, put that on while spending time with family, there might be a gravitation pull from the VIP emails, so to avoid that, tag all the emails.
  5. Since in theory, you can’t be the one man army in your business or work, you will have to learn to rely on others that will save your running from pillar to post for getting a work done, deploy Task Rabbit to do your mundane tasks.
  6. Get rid of delay, that’s the thumb rule of success. Delay comes from the fear of defeat and your ego plays supreme behind fearing defeat. Recipe is, feel the fear but do the task any way. Pushing your boundaries is required to achieve success.
  7. Seek solitude for yourself. According to Sir Albert Einstein, “Be a loner, that gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth, have holy curiosity, and make your life worth living”. Solitude will rejuvenate your mind and cultivate your thoughts to achieve a better feat in your work.
  8. Start your day before the Sun rises. It is a good habit to wake up early and exercise, meditate. Meditate helps you review your goals. Enjoy the quiet moment of this golden hour.
  9. Take rest between your works. Rest your foot on the grass from the lawn beneath your office, or sit by yourself reading with a hot cup of coffee in the cafeteria, bouncing back to work will be happier then.
  10. Cut down on your coffee intake limits and replace that with green tea. Eat freshly cooked foods. Heed this advice; this will bring you more health.

About the author: Shreyashi Das

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