Elvis Presley

Elvis was a born singer, producer and organiser; who was blessed with a remarkable musical vision which made him blend country, pop, gospel R&B and Rock ‘n’ Roll in a rather daring attempt which turned out to be a success. His music is still that fresh in our minds. If Elvis’s life is seen through the prism of his musical and acting career, his musical career of course outshines the latter.

Elvis wooed the young hearts through his music and influenced the runway fashion sense. He won the gamble by introducing a reformed rock ‘n’ roll music in 1950s’ America which slowly took over the entire world, with an audience of mostly teenagers. His music made teenagers into convincing themselves that they were different from the previous generation. His concerts were a grand success because of the over pouring presence of teenagers that had a fortune at their disposal; thank the economic boom back then.

His glorious presence in the market as a musician twisted the music scene; his fashion too had been likewise followed by teenager. His hairstyle, clothing and music made a synergy to become the rage of 60s’ America. So much so that Elvis became a way of life for teenagers.

As to keep pace with the changing times, he changed his musical style and worked on his personal look to render it fresh, which made more people to join his fan crowd, the older audience yet. His career waxed and waned ever since but his popularity didn’t change a thing even after his death.

On the flip side, his movies were victim to a lot of blunder; his attempts were always comprehended half hearted. Some of which are “Tickle me”, “Easy come, easy go” and “Kissing Cousins”. His back to back failure in movies during 1960s and 69, paved way for his bang-on re-emergence on television in a show known as “68 Comeback Special” squeezed the live performer out of him again until his death in 1977.

However, his artistic excellence was reflected in his concert documentaries namely “Elvis on Tour” and “Elvis: that’s the way it is”. As no surprise from a musical genius, both those films quite highlighted the great, encompassing idea of American music that is his undisputedly most valuable legacy.

With the refreshed success in music, Presley decided to give up on acting in 1969. Then again, he nurtured a suppressed wish to enact in a ‘non-singing’ type dramatic role which was offered to him later as the aging star in Barbra Streisand’s remake of “A star is born” which had bitten dust right then.

Thereby his movie career reached a standstill. His films had broad reaching influence nevertheless. Little he knew that the overpowering excellence of his music will take a toll on his very own acting career.

He was the one rock star who dodged failingly the apprehensions with colours of the age and time back then and flaunted those dapper coloured jackets, pink shoes and pink belts. In no time which made him the fashion icon besides the rock ‘n’ roll king. So it can be safely concluded that Presley fame lay hugely on his music than his acting.


About the author: Shreyashi Das

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