Cocktail – A Buzz From Booze

Cocktails leave your taste buds amused with the outlandish taste and mild kick. Even though the bars and pubs let loose a range of worthwhile cocktails, they also make sure to draw a fortune from you. So, on that notes, you should in all respect avoid reading below if you’re a miser. Cocktails make way for experiments and vouch for sophistication.

Cocktails are mixed drinks that come blended with spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters. The bar tenders from the posh pubs surely know how to make them lip smacking. There are also some cocktails that arouse you sexually. There are some marvellous wine and vodka cocktails that cut a dash as well.

Each of the cocktails I am going to discuss opts out from a solid choice of drinks to bring a zing in the taste. Here are some types of cocktail blends:

  1. Dry Martini: Martinis come in gins only and are transparent in colour. Dry martini comprises of gin, dry vermouth, lemon twist, angostura bitters, and olive garnish.
  2. Margarita: with the twist in presentation, Margarita now comes in different savours and colours like Martini. Margarita comprises of Tequila, Triple sec, Lime juice, Lime wire for garnish, Sugar (optional). The mild Tequila kick renders you rejuvenated.
  3. Black Devil: BlackDevil is a Dry Martini made with Rum and the drink comprises of White Rum, Dry Vermouth and Olive.
  4. Sexy Alligator: Don’t judge by the ugly looks, it certainly lives up to the name, taste wise. The comprising goodies are Malibu Rum, Chambord, Midori, Jagermeister, Pineapple juice. This is a shoe in for Halloween parties.
  5. Red Hot Summer: What’s better than wine served with ice cubes and a dash of lime juice in a sultry summer evening?
  6. El Presidente: It was a Cuban drink made to appease Americans. The drink comprises of Golden Rum, Dry Vermouth, Orange Liqueur, and Grenadine.
  7. Hard Fruit Punch: reminiscent of the Hawaiian flavours with a kick so worthwhile.
  8. Sea Sunrise: This is one heck of a bizarre tasted drink which is liked by the cocktails fanatics for years. The drink comprises of Whiskey and Malibu Rum.
  9. Rose of Venezuela: It was first originated in Venice in love of a beautiful Venezuelan woman. The drink comprises of Rum, Sweet Vermouth, and Triple Sec.
  10. Corpse Reviver: the snappy and light taste is a good bargain for the cocktail buffs. It comprises of Absinthe, lillet Blanc, Gin, and Cointreau.
  11. Sazerac: These are devoid of absinthe thus promises an undercurrent anise savour. This is a cocktail made from whiskey that shouldn’t be given a miss. Sazerac comprises of rye whiskey, simple syrup, peychaud’s bitters, absinthe substitute, lemon twist garnish.
  12. Old fashioned: there couldn’t be a better melting pot of different whiskeys. Bartenders should muddle away this cocktail to glory which feels rocky against the taste buds. Old Fashioned comprises of Sugar cubes, Angostura bitters, Bourbon Whiskey, Maraschino cherry.

About the author: Shreyashi Das

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