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The Magical Powers of Colors in Clothing

Tweet The various colours, patterns and textures are ruling the fashion vocabulary. Since ancient times, colours have been a ruling…

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Styling Tips For Tall Women

Tweet The bigger the canvas gets, the bigger the fabric it needs. Taller women shy away from wearing ankle lengths…

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Tips To Wear Sky High Heels With Confidence

Tweet Higher the heel, higher is the confidence. Gone are the days of flats and come the days where every…

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Styling Tips For Short Women

Tweet It is believed that being of a small height is rather a boon for women as to acquire their…

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Dress Up and Accessorize? The Do’s and Dont’s

Tweet The trigger to a great party look is how you accessorize. Accessorizing is a supreme thing to enhance a…

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Save The Disaster – 6 Easy Ways To Drape Your Saree

Tweet A saree is unfavourable to those who haven’t nailed the art of draping saree. Saree style has evolved a…

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Kim Kardashian’s Fetish For Hair Accessories

Tweet Since forever, hair pins have been the best kept secret of a girl, those added extra volume to your…

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Gold Oversized Watches For Women

Tweet It is a trend setter’s dream to always stay in attention and keep up to the latest fad. Fashion…

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Kitten Heels

Tweet The rhetoric evolution of the Kitten heels has come a long way. Though not a substitute for the sky…

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How To Choose Ear Rings For Your Face Shape

Tweet The amount of bling in your ear-rings can change the game even when the outfit is simple. Women, who…

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