Renting High Fashion

Tweet Renting high fashion clothing as oppossed to buying it?  We asked Shoba Kalro her thoughts regarding The Dress Bank…

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different types of dresses

Different Types of Dresses and Where To Wear Them

Tweet There are many different types of dresses in this world that are perfect for certain occasions and dress codes….

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cut costs on clothing

How to Cut Costs and Still Look Fabulous?

Tweet Keeping up with the latest fashion trends whilst sticking to a strict budget isn’t the easiest thing in the…

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Tips on Buying and Wearing Peplum Dresses

Tweet A peplum is a short flared ruffle fitted to dresses, tops, blouses and jackets. They also come in other…

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Tips on Buying and Wearing A Maxi Dress

Tweet A maxi dress can be ankle length or floor kissing that flows loosely from below the chest area. They…

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Pendant – A Fashion Statement

Tweet In the ancient era people followed fashion with a ‘minimum clothes maximum jewellery’ format. However today it is a…

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Risque Heels on the Dance Floor

Tweet While spells like ‘the higher the heels the higher the confidence’, ‘get your standard up to my heels’ are…

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Trendy Satchel Bags

Tweet Women can’t avoid buying a handbag that cuts a dash irrespective of the sky-high price; some of them buy…

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The Newest Trend in Sunglasses

Tweet Sunglasses are no longer understood as a Sun protector, it has rather become a style statement. Ranging from wide…

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Upcoming Trends in Ethnic Wear

Tweet Today’s designers are coming up with edgy and head turning fashion ideas. Mostly chalk and cheese combinations are the…

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