Book Review – The Notebook

When Love takes its call on young hearts, it strikes with intimacy and passion. The lead characters of this novel Noah and Allie, who hail from different worlds, have their differences die down before their bond. They prove to the world that love is not forbidden, even the things that barricade love can be overcome.

Noah and Allie meet during their teen age days; and fall madly in love with each other. Being separated by the thrash of time, and remembering the long gone days and a half-made love in a deserted farm house, they practically live on each other’s memories. After 14 years of segregation, Allie finds an advertisement in newspaper about a house for sale put by a young man. She pays him a visit only to find Noah standing equally surprised before her. Sparks’ fine mastery over language describes how hesitant they have been in the first go and how the long buried love bloomed again that compelled them to make some difficult decisions.

Sparks keeps the content of Love and choices in the front row. Noah tries tooth and nail to take Allie on board to make her leave her fiancée and reunite with him; Allie puts up all the resistance she could to control her unruly emotions towards Noah. In the process, she realises that though her mind pretended, her heart never stopped loving Noah. At the end of the trip, she decides she loves Noah, “Can you really leave without looking back?” Noah asks. “I don’t know. Probably not,” she replies, with tears melting away all her pretentions.

The application of The Notebook has a deep bearing on Lurlene McDaniel’s books. Even his books make you feel you’re standing next to the characters, though Sparks seals the emotions with clever and less blunt dialogues than McDaniel.

The Notebook is an age old tale of losing and regaining love. The diehard romantics should not give this story a miss. A truly heart warming and interesting story which keeps you glued as you try to guess what will happen next.


About the author: Shreyashi Das

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