Book Review – Murderer on The Orient Express by Agatha Christie

I happened to read Murderer on the Orient Express during my degree years and fell head over heels in love with the retired Belgian police turned detective Hercule Poirot. Agatha Christie, though has her own army of detectives but there’s certainly some special spark about Poirot that is missing in Ms. Marple et al. The way he sniffs out crime and gives leads towards the potential predator is something to swoon over for.

When crime sneaks in, it knocks at Poirot’s instinct. Like any other Poirot novel, this one too has cloudy and interlocked characters; everyone is related to the other somehow. As an avid crime novel reader, I always kept a watchful eye on the subtle conversations among Christie’s characters that released some clues; this novel too is written in the same fashion. Christie’s forte is to keep suspense, and lead you into a slew of clues that challenge the detective in the reader, if not astray.

In this novel, a crime is pulled out on Mr.Rachett who has been sensed by Poirot to be an evil person. Which Christie has revealed in the very first chapter, thus the guessing game of who-might-be-the-killer takes an interesting roll. While Poirot keeps no one out of his suspicion radar and the planned chapters and clues deriving from the interviews Poirot does with all the passengers in the Taurus express leads you into an interesting guess on the predator. As Poirot propounds into two possible solutions, all the passengers or twelve of the thirteen passengers are involved into the murder to avenge the Daisy Armstrong murder case, all the clues fall in harmony with the later.

The novel is a downright suspense thriller, churns the stomach, gets you at the edge of your seat and rips you off your meal and sleep to finish reading so as to be faced with the murderer soonest. Such is Agatha Christie’s mojo, and I am not denying I love her mighty pen more than Doyle’s.


About the author: Shreyashi Das

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