Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a blend of strengthening and relaxation exercises. Your spine will be at peace by practising Pilates on a regular basis. It is a perfect cure for joint pain and muscular imbalances if guided by a skilled trainer. It also decelerates tension. Your body will move in a natural order and experience six wholesome benefits. Such as:

  1. Alignment: Proper placement of body in the exercises puts a lot of strain on your muscles, ligaments and joints thereby reducing your body’s tendency to react to gravitational pull. That might result in a brief pain, but later you will feel a great rejuvenation in your body. Ideally, use a mirror when exercising to get your posture right. Check whether knees and hips are in the same line.
  2. Strength: It falls under the strength training regimen as it is a wonderful body-conditioning program plus you don’t need any equipment. You body weight is used against the gravity build resistance in your muscles to tone them up. It also channels energy in your body.Benefits: You are saved from the suffering of joint pains, your metabolism is speeded. It creates strength even in your deep-core muscles which will relax your bodily movement and lower your blood pressure.
  3. Flexibility:  A strong body is everybody’s dream, but a strong body definitely demands good strength and flexibility of the muscles, which calls for a strict exercise regimen. Tight muscles deter your mobility and get you at tension, aches and pain. So, flexibility is a sole requirement for your overall fitness. Pilates is the most dynamic exercise, if not static stretching which includes in and out stretching in a repeated manner. With determination and continuity, you will find your strength increasing and your flexibility going up a notch.Benefits: Frees your muscles from tension, enhances the blood circulation, and boosts your energy level.
  4. Shape and tone: The muscle tone could be weak sometimes, which can only be adjusted with regular exercising. Pilates uses your own body weight to create resistance for shaping your muscles, it also evenly trains your body from front and back. While you’re halfway an abdominal exercise, you realise that apart from your centre or belly, you’re actually engaging your limbs, buttocks which are connected to your shoulders. Thus there is whole body getting exercised. Need is, you twin your exercise with proper diet to get the fastest result.Benefits: Muscles are more defined with Pilates, whole body is toned and you’re back in shape in a matter of a few months. With routine exercises, you will see a beautifully toned and lengthened body taking shape.
  5. Endurance: Pilates spells endurance and resistance in your muscles to prepare them against all odds. Pilates require determination and persistence. With every passing day of hard work, you will see your capacity increasing; you’re ready to accept more challenges. Pilate’s sequences should come with regular breaks. Within two sets, there needs to be a break as you’d take during choreographed dance moves. Though tiring, more than two repetitions will bring the desired strength in your muscles.Benefits: It builds both physical and mental stamina. It tones your body as you use your own body weight, injects more concentration in you for your work or studies.
  6. Stress Relief:  while stress takes a toll on your health and majorly ruins your personal life, Pilates is the easy cure. It de-stresses your body, accelerates your physical and mental well being. The team work of breathing, mindful choreographed movements calms your body and mind.

Benefits: it improves your sleep, redeems you from fatigue and stress. It channels energy all over your body.


About the author: Shreyashi Das

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