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The Newest Trend in Sunglasses

Tweet Sunglasses are no longer understood as a Sun protector, it has rather become a style statement. Ranging from wide…

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Upcoming Trends in Ethnic Wear

Tweet Today’s designers are coming up with edgy and head turning fashion ideas. Mostly chalk and cheese combinations are the…

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The Magical Powers of Colors in Clothing

Tweet The various colours, patterns and textures are ruling the fashion vocabulary. Since ancient times, colours have been a ruling…

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Benefits of Pilates

Tweet Pilates is a blend of strengthening and relaxation exercises. Your spine will be at peace by practising Pilates on…

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The History of Rock and Roll Music

Tweet The term Rock and Roll is an amalgamation of two different genres of music, both equally popular in their…

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Book Review – The Castle By Franz Kafka

Tweet The Castle is Kafka’s most pleasant and emotional novel. The novel is combined with Metamorphoses. There is a strong…

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Styling Tips For Tall Women

Tweet The bigger the canvas gets, the bigger the fabric it needs. Taller women shy away from wearing ankle lengths…

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Book Review – The Notebook

Tweet When Love takes its call on young hearts, it strikes with intimacy and passion. The lead characters of this…

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Book Review – Pride and Prejudice

Tweet When pride, prejudice, stigma and behavior make a salad, the result is a well plotted novel. Pride is associated…

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Tips To Wear Sky High Heels With Confidence

Tweet Higher the heel, higher is the confidence. Gone are the days of flats and come the days where every…

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