Author: Jessica Salins


Book Review – The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Tweet The Da Vinci Code written by the famous American author Dan brown was published in the year 2003. The…

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Iron Maiden

Tweet Iron maiden is an English heavy-metal band, formed by Steve Harris, a bassist and lyricist of the  band. The…

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Book Review – Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Tweet power The novel set in the northern part of England which perfectly blends love, hatred, wealth, power, deceit and sincerity. Jane…

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Pink Floyd

Tweet The authenticity of genres like progressive rock, psychedelic, art rock and blues rock were taken to another level by…

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Tips on Buying and Wearing A Maxi Dress

Tweet A maxi dress can be ankle length or floor kissing that flows loosely from below the chest area. They…

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beautiful young woman with note at outdoor

Why Every Woman Needs A Girl’s Night Out

Tweet When women get together a lot of curious things happen over drinks. The air gets thick with gossip, giggles,…

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